Becoming a military girlfriend: Basic Training

What is it like being a military girlfriend/fiancee

“My boyfriend traded in dress shoes for combat boots“. Well, my boyfriend traded in Jordans’ for combat boots.

army-strong-girlfriend-tumblr-KqrP4h-quoteI have been through some incredible changes in my life that were for the worst and the better. But, the most difficult point in my life was when the man I love decided to join the military.


This happened right around the time I decided to transfer to a university and start a brand new life, while he was only  three hours away. A transition was underway, little did I know, he had an idea that would change our lives beyond what I imagined.

I was fine with his decision and supported him every step of the way until a week before reality set in. The man of my dreams, the love of my life, the man I spent 2 years drooling over is about to leave me and enter a world I know nothing about. And, it scared the living *** out of me. Of course, I kept my composure, I did not want him to see me sweat. Nor, did I want him to think that I did not support his decision. Honestly, I did not support his decision because I was selfish. In all, I did not want him to leave me for GOOD. The countdown began, T-minus 7 days.

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