How to Naturally Lubricate Your Vagina

Let’s talk about your vagina ladies! Your holy grail; your girl power.

We need to be more comfortable talking about our version of the male package. We notice the common issues shared amongst women across the world, yet we ignore the conversations that need to be held in regards to those issues.

Around 17% of women aged 18-50 experience problems with vaginal dryness during sex.

Women’s Health Concern 

A concern that many women have is there vagina’s natural lubrication. A silent problem popularly known as vaginal dryness.

I, myself, do not struggle with vaginal dryness. But, for the purposes of learning if I can improve, I conducted a self-study.

For 3 months I worked on increasing my natural lubrication to something as moist as a waterfall. And, here is how:


Drinking plenty of water helps with everything. I know! I can not stress it enough: in order to retain moisture, you must be hydrated.  Likewise, in the last 3 months I have increased my water consumption by 40% and I definitely can see the changes in my body in general. Especially the smell and lubrication of my vagina.

No Soaps, No Douches

This is common practice for me. I only cleanse my vagina with water. And, if there is anything that is the devil to your vagina, it would be douches, soap, and how you clean your vagina.


Studies show that there are a correlation between vaginal douching and its risks to vagina as an agent to vaginal dryness. This is due to the fragrance and toxic chemicals that come in contact with vaginal mucous membranes. Since those mucous membranes are absorptive, they take in the chemicals. Over time, drying up from those chemicals.


Soaps that contain chemicals and fragrances should not be near a system as PH sensitive as the vagina.


This is common practice for me: being intentional when cleaning my vagina.

You have to be more intentional with your vaginal cleaning and adopt careful cleaning of her. I:

  • Do not over wash. The rule of thumb is no more than twice a day, as it self cleanses.
  • Make sure to wipe front to back to ensure no spread of bacteria from the anus to the vagina.
  • Wipe with a clean, hot rag after intercourse.


As sexy as I love feeling in underwear, there are a few I had to do without in this experiment. I had to eliminate high cut styles panties (boy shorts, thongs, cheeksters, and g-strings), tight underwear, and any underwear with synthetic fabrics (lace or satin).

Unfortunately, that was pretty much my entire underwear draw, so, I wore seamless underwear 10% of the time, I devoted 10% of my time to sexy, lace underwear, and I free-balled the remainder.


Yes, I said it!

I did not wear underwear, so I can let my vagina breathe and be free of anything constricting. To expand, if the place or event I was going to had no risk of me exploiting my nether regions, I did not wear any underwear. This was a challenge in itself, especially being how much my vaginal lubrication increased due to this study. But, that is a story we can save for another post.

Kegel Exercises

This is an exercise done to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor muscles in your vagina. They can be done anywhere, whenever, and no one will notice. In turn, promoting the overall health function of tissues in your vagina. In due time, this promotes an increase in vaginal lubrication.


In order to recognize a notable difference, I increased my Shirls time from once a week, to twice a day. The more frequent I masturbate, the wetter my vagina gets throughout the day even after cleaning up the residual fluids from orgasm. By the time I got into my sex session mode, I was drenched from the slightest kiss behind neck or passionate stare into my eyes.


Foreplay is the root to comfortable sex. You can not just dive in to the water without prior lessons. If you do, you increase your likelihood of drowning. Pun intended! Build your sexual desire before having sexual intercourse. Extending your foreplay will help with becoming more aroused psychologically and physiologically. Just, get the juices flowing!

Woman-to-woman, hopefully, my self-exploration can help alleviate any concerns you may have with your vagina. Happy lubricating!

One thought on “How to Naturally Lubricate Your Vagina”

  1. I want to know everything about anal lubrication so that I can have long anal sexual intercourse everyday and without the use of diafragmas, condoms, pills, etc.


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