Haitian men are so: 13 Things That Will End The Slander of Haitian Men

Florida Haitian Student Organization’s (HSOs), Haitian Twitter, and the Haitians Who Blog community give their take on Haitian men.

Feature image: Instagram.com/1neglakay

I asked Florida Haitian Student Organization’s (HSOs), Haitian Twitter, and the Haitians Who Blog community to name great things about Haitian men. And they narrowed down all the great qualities of Haitian men to 13 characteristics that will end the slander of Haitian men.

1. Strong

Mentally and physically, Haitian men are the strongest. Being an individual from such an impoverished country will build you into a solid base of pure manhood.

2. Humble

As the American proverb says, “from humble beginnings come great things”. And Haitian men exemplify this quote.

3. Provider

“They are great supporters”, @wildrootnaturals says.

By nature, Haitian men work hard in order to put food in their families mouth. They put their family first, always.  They pursure education or go sleepless nights in order to give back to their mothers or to make their mother proud.

4. Hard- working

Haitian men believe in outlandish-plans for success. By any means, they must succeed. They will make it happen just because they are driven and ambitious. Haitian men just get sh*t done in order to be excellent; to be the cream of the crop.

5. Great work ethic

They attempt to break the stereotype that Black men are lazy. Haitian men believe that they can not provide by being lazy. So, they step up and do the best they can to excell.

6. Driven

Haitian men are known for their dedication and work ethic. There is so much they did not have, so they are beyond ambitious to make anything happen. When a Haitian-man says something will be done, it is not written in the stars; they make it reality.

7. Not easily defeated

Regardless of how hard the world tries to bring down Black men, Haitian men stand tall. They do not give in to the stereotypes of Black men, they prove them wrong.

8. Educated

They have a passion for education. Not only are they book smart, but they carry the street smart. One second he is tossing up the hood lingo with his homies and the next he is spewing the sophisticated vernacular of a Harvard, woke, Black graduate.

9. Well-Spoken

Haitian men come to America to provide better lives for those back in the homeland. With this intention, they learn the language in order to be the best versions of them self. They articulate to the standard of America by subduing slang.

10. Compassionate

You never know how compassionate a Haitian man can be until you hear him talking about his mother and sister. Haitian men have a sweet spot when it comes to those two women. So, you know it will be replicated in their relationships.

11. Confident

They walk in like they own the place and with their head held high in all situations. Whether they are right or wrong, they remain confident. And, they are most likely right.

12. Loyal

“We don’t cheat”, Youtuber @sirmarcelin exclaims.

When they finally find the one they have been searching for,  she becomes that only one for the rest of their lives.

13. Great in bed

That Haitian Dick (HD) will, most definitely, change your life sus. They are adamant about pleasing women sexually, so they give the most passionate sexual experience you will see in your life thus far.

One thought on “Haitian men are so: 13 Things That Will End The Slander of Haitian Men”

  1. I agree with all those attributes, but the traditional Haitian men are players( Not all, but most). Its just an old way thinking. Each ethnic group has positive and negative attributes. Not the 2nd generation, but the first ( you know,lol).


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