Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

So, you have decided to pursue a long distance relationship or you are currently in a long distance relationship and find it difficult. Hey friend 👋! You are not on your own.

I romanticized long distance relationships but, being in one changed my whole perspective of relationships. I am use to bitter women downplaying their relationship because it is over. I will not be that blogger. My LDR taught me more good than harm.
A great friend of mine said to me, “I don’t think relationships were meant to be in long distance”.

Rosewood tv love girl fox

Right? What he said hit me hard because relationships are not meant to be  “apart”, but we do it anyways. And, because of distance, even the strongest of relationships suffer!

Dating someone for four years was mind-boggling. But, the two years we spent apart was an obstacle.

As a completely unconventional individual, my relationship became unconventional. Although this, somehow the relationship strived.

A LDR is a facet of relationships that individuals neglect universally, especially in college.  Besides recognizing the distance,  individuals fail to realize the complexity of the relationship. LDRs are like being in a battle. Throughout the battle you will find yourself wondering, “Is he/she worth the wait?”, “Will this work in the long run?”,  “Does he/she love me anymore?”, “How?”.

Well, it is essential to:


I know you are tired of people telling you how important communication is. Communication this, communication that. But, it is the most important aspect of a LDR. You have to maintain constant communication. To do that, your schedules must align. Of course, this is real life and that NEVER happens and that is why you have to establish a regular schedule of contact. There will be time for you to talk, it might not be long, but it will a set time every day. Knowing this, you will look forward to the call and appreciate the time you set apart for one another.

Be accepting

The one thing that may bring turmoil in your relationship is your separate social lives. If you are not accepting of the minute existence of it, your LDR will get harder.

Everyone should have a social life. Since you are not there, there should be something else available for them to pass time. Your relationship should not stop you from enjoying life. Living life may involve members of the opposite sex and your partner has to accept that.

Also, you have to accept that their will be changes to the relationship and your partner. Your partners changes can be a new personality, new lingo or a new lifestlye. These changes may be postive or negative and, unfortunately, you may not influence these changes; you may witness the changes.

Basically, become aware that your relationship is developing and growing while apart.

Be Mindful

You have new friends now. You are living it up. . . or not.

Regardless, be mindful of your partner. Nothing is worst than seeing your partner living life while you are at home being a couch potato. Post as much as you want on social media but keep it at a minimal. You are enjoying life, everyone gets it. Do not wave it in front of partner.

You can overcome the struggles of a LDR as long as you comnunicate with your partner, accept the relationship and the changes in the relationship and remain mindful.

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