Guest Blogger: Eternal Love

–Love Series–

Do you believe in love and the promises it gives? The lighthearted, overjoyed, valuable, and emotional that love is. To have the greatest feeling in the world and not afraid to show it. The strong affection felt by two people in a romantic relationship. To know that one person wants to love you for life like Jodeci as he gets down on one knee while you are serenaded by the smooth vocals of Boyz II Men. On his knee, to propose, and ask his dream woman for her hand in marriage because she has changed him like Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown said, “Cuz you changed me baby”. As he waits for her to answer yes to the man she spent years searching for, the man of her dreams.

To spend eternity with that man she expects to leave him; to feel like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, sensing  that Love never felt so good”; to be thankful to God for that “One Love”that Trey Songz speaks of; to now plan and wait for the day they give in to one another. To look each other in the eye as the preacher says, “We are gathered here today.” For him to almost lose it when he hears the words, “I Do,” come out of her mouth.

So, do you believe in love and the promises that it gives? To be loved for life? For him to know and feel that he might not deserve it but she loves him and that…that’s simply amazing.

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