Look out! You are falling for him.

You got caught up with your friend with benefits and thought you were his girlfriend. Your FWB is now a committed relationship. You stepped over the boundary and now he plays a vital role in your life; like a part of your routine. He is now your breakfast, lunch, and dinner *rolls eyes*. You done fucked up!

Now you:

Want to hang out (for real)

That “Wyd or WUUP2” text does not mean, “Hey I am fienin'”. It means, hey let’s hang out; it means I want your company; I miss you; I need you here.

Late nights turn into late evenings

You want to spend more time with him so you hit him up earlier than the usual late night sex text or call.

Cuddle after the hook up

You try to be wrapped up under his arm pretending to “Netflix and Chill” when you are really trying to “Netflix and Boo Up”.

Image result for girl if you don't meme

Girl if you don’t! RED FLAG! Friends do not cuddle, couples do.

You care about how he feels

You attempt to talk about his feelings and dig deep into his emotions. If you annoy him the slightest bit, you try to fix it. You know, thinking about how he feels, forgetting your arrangement.

You get jealous and clingy

You feel tense when he is flirting with other women or when he is not spending “enough” time with you. What ever enough means.

You have deep conversations about your lives

You discuss dreams, aspirations, your career goals,and so forth. You are giving him too much information about yourself. He is a friend with the added benefits remember?

You are, too, nice

You put yourself in a specific bubble so you don’t fall in love. But, now, you are overly nice. You offer to pay for things they mention they can not. Your snarky replies turn to understanding “yes’es” or “thats how you feels’ “. Look at you falling in love 🙂.

You blush and stare longer

Its intense. You melt whenever he looks at you. When he makes a funny remark, you blush or grin ear to ear. At first it was just him being silly, now it feels like flattery. You can not help but melt into his eyes; melt into him.

There was suppose to be no emotional ties and commitment while involved in this sexual relationship.  And now the thought of you guys being a couple is lingering in the back of your mind. You have become overly clingy and jealous. You no longer have boundaries and cross which ever boundaries you and your friend set. All while forgetting that you are not dating. Regardless of if you feel 1 or more of the signs listed above, you have to cut it. You established this arrangement for a reason. Stick to it!

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